JBronze Jennifer Hawkins

JBronze Jennifer Hawkins
"Jbronze is a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to create my own self tanning range because I love to have a beautiful bronze glow to my skin all year round and like to avoid sun baking." Jennifer Hawkins, JBronze
Jennifer Hawkins JBronze range of Tanning Bronzer Products are enriched with premium natural skin care ingredients to help mimic the colour of a real tan whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin with antioxidants
                  JBronze Jennifer Hawkins  

"I really believe self tans are the best tanning option and have struggled to find a complete range in the past that offered the variety of products you need for the best results.

For this reason my focus with Jbronze is to offer a complete range for all types of self tanning. Jbronze has a self tan for the face, and different products for the body - including a spray, mousses and cream ? because I wanted the range to deliver the perfect tan every time, and be great for the skin. Jbronze includes luxe natural ingredients, like macadamia oil, shea butter and argan oil ? the top ingredients to keep skin hydrated. That?s one of the reasons why the colour from Jbronze self tanners really lasts - It?s all about hydration.

An all-over body shimmer completes the Jbronze range ? perfect for when you want your skin look a little more glam for a night out or for when you need to be photo ready.

I have been working on the formula for Jbronze for a while now to ensure it is everything you need in a self tan so very eager to get Jbronze on the shelves so you can try it out and hopefully love it as much as I do!?
Jennifer Hawkins, J Bronze


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