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Detoxification - Natural supplements to support all aspects of Detoxification including Liver, Kidney and Bowels...

What is toxicity?

A toxin is any substance that is poisonous to the processes that maintain life: in other words, anything that interferes with the billions of reactions that occur throughout our body and mind every second. Toxins may enter our bodies through our skin (heavy metals, Solvents), via our lungs (cigarette smoke, traffic smog etc) and particularly within our food and water.

Daily Exposure

Every day we are exposed to a vast number of toxic substances that we may not even be aware of-in the foods we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, and the materials in which we surround ourselves (clothing, building materials, household goods etc). In addition, the bodily functions of digestion and elimination, physical activity, combating disease and infection, and dealing with stress produce a number of toxic by-products. Allergic and sensitivity reactions also produce toxins.

Staying Well

To stay truly well, it is vital to help your body clear these toxins. The beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals in whole natural foods, and in the naturally derived remedies in this program, combine to support your body during the detoxification and repair processes.

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