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Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health - Your thyroid gland plays a vital role in controlling your weight, maintaining your energy levels, keeping your immune system strong and boosting your mood. It struggles to cope with the overload of toxins and pollution which have become a constant in our environment these days. No single organ in your body functions independently of the others, and this is very much the case with the thyroid gland. The health of your liver, adrenal glands, immune system and reproductive system all affect the function of your thyroid gland.  Your thyroid is one of the most important glands in your body. It controls the way you metabolize food, the way you use energy, lose and gain weight, how well or poorly you sleep, and more. Like every cell and organ in our bodies, the thyroid requires specific vitamins and minerals to carry out everyday functions eg Iodine and Selenium. Your thyroid gland should be treated holistically, whereby your diet, lifestyle and other health conditions are addressed - otherwise your thyroid hormone levels may be normal, but you will still feel far from well

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