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Sports Supplements: Protein - Protein is an essential nutrient used by the body for many important roles. Protein is digested in the stomach to form amino acids and these are used for building tissue, repair of organs and for making enzymes. Proteins are sourced in our diet from animal products (eg meat and dairy), nuts and seeds and soy based products. Sometimes we are not able to consume enough of these foods to meet our protein requirements. This can happen if you are Pregnant, Vegetarian, suffer from poor Digestion or are engaged in Sports Training.

There is a diverse range of Protein Supplements available to meet your individual requirements and personal taste. Protein powders can be sourced from Soy, Whey or Rice Protein and many have added Amino Acids for specific uses, such as muscle growth factors for weight trainers. You can also select the amount of Carbohydrates that you require. Generally, Low Carbohydrate formulas are best for Weight Loss and High Carbohydrate formulas for Endurance Sports.

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