Bioglan Sleep Tablets 90 Tabs x 3 Pack


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Bioglan Sleep Tablets are based on Homeopathic preparation.

90 Tabs x 3 Pack = 270 Tabs

Formulated according to the principles of homeopathic medicine. Each ingredient provides unique benefits to aid a better night’s sleep.
Relieve mild temporary insomnia and symptoms of mild nervous tension as well as help provide stamina and endurance when taken in the morning.

Melatonin is traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help regulate normal healthy sleep, help with symptoms of mild anxiety, and alleviate symptoms of jet lag. 

  • Relieve symptoms of mild nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety
  • Relieve mild temporary insomnia (sleeplessness) when taken before bedtime
  • Provide stamina and endurance when taken in the morning

Bioglan Sleep is for:

  • Those experiencing mild temporary insomnia and having trouble sleeping.
  • People that travel a lot
  • Those that are prone to developing symptoms of jet lag after a long flight.
  • People undergoing a busy or challenging period in life 
Healthy hints:
  • Try and work out why you aren’t sleeping. Tackling the underlying cause of your sleep problem is the best way to find a lasting solution.
  • A quiet, dark and cool bedroom help to encourage sound sleep. Try an eye mask and earplugs to help block out light and noise.
  • Create a calming pre-sleep routine for 30–60 minutes before bed.
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time each day to help ‘set’ your internal body clock.
  • Enjoy some regular physical activity.


Each Tablet Contains Equal Parts of: 

  • Melatonin 6X, Coffea Cruda 6X, Arsenicum Album 30C, Matricaria Chamomilla 6X.
    • 6X refers to the potency that is achieved through repetitive dilution and succession according to homeopathic principle.
    • In this case, X refers to a 1 in 10 dilution, 6 times over.

Contains lactose and pollen.

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