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Blooms Super Colloidal Silica 120 Caps

Henry Blooms

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Blooms Super Colloidal Silica - A great source of Silica as it contains Silica microparticles in a colloidal form, this allows for easier absorption and utilisation of silicon in the body.

Henry Blooms Super Colloidal Silica is formulated with 300 mg of Colloidal anhydrous silica to support whole body beauty and wellbeing. Silica contains Silicon, which helps to maintain the elasticity of skin and supports nails, hair, skin, connective tissue, bones, ligaments and joint cartilage development. The highest concentrations of Silicon in the body are found in the skin and hair. Silica is also an important component of teeth and bones, as it is an essential nutrient for the metabolism of calcium in the bone structure, supporting the bone matrix.

  • Maintain collagen formation
  • Maintain collagen health
  • Maintain healthy ligaments
  • Support skin health
  • Maintain skin integrity
  • Support hair health
  • Support hair and nail strength
  • Support connective tissue health
  • Support bone health and maintain bone density
  • Support healthy joint cartilage development

Several factors contribute to decreasing levels of silicon within the body. Variations in the food supply chain can lead to inconsistent dietary intake. Filtration of water and the increased consumption of bottled water also reduces the amount of silicon that is being obtained through the water source. On top of this, silicon levels tend to naturally decrease with aging.

Silicon is a naturally occurring mineral that is most commonly found in the form of silica. The highest concentrations of silicon within the body are found in the skin and hair. Silicon is required for the healthy development and functioning of connective tissues including hair, skin, nails, bone and cartilage.

Silica is involved in the cross-linking of collagen in connective tissues, and on this basis it is essential to the structural integrity of many aspects of the human body. Insufficient silica is associated with brittle and weak nails and hair and may contribute to a lack of integrity of collagen within the body. Silica is also an important component of teeth and supports the bone matrix. It is one of the essential nutrients for the metabolism of calcium in the bone structure.


  • Silicon

No added wheat, sulfites, gluten, yeast, animal products, milk derivatives, eggs, soy bean products, lactose, sugars, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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